About Regnum Legacy

Litigator and Estate Planning attorney, James A. Long, founded Regnum Legacy after becoming a father and reflecting on his own legacy. Years of reflection and discernment lead James to two conclusions:

First, everyone has a legacy.

Second, not everyone properly plans to leave their legacy.

As a litigator, James has experienced firsthand the disastrous effects of improper estate planning. For example, some people die with a poorly drafted trust or an unfunded trust. This only invites and ensures that your estate is eaten away by ligation expenses.

Others die without a trust leaving only a will. Their children are required to wait years before gaining control of the estate assets, meanwhile, the family estate becomes burdened with liens, past due notices, and foreclosures.

Finally, there are those who die with no plan at all. If you die without a will or a trust, then the state gets to decide what happens to your legacy.

Moreover, if you have children and you die without an estate plan, the state (not you or your family) gets to decide where your minor children end up.

For more information, you can read an article written by James about the only three types of estate plans. Additionally, you may find an article called “What is Probate” written by James helpful.

Before becoming a father, these risks were merely a cost benefit analysis. A choice for the client to make among several other choices.

But, after becoming a father, these risks are no longer acceptable.

It is not an acceptable risk that, should the unthinkable happen, your children could end up wards of the state (because you failed to nominate a successor guardian).

It is not acceptable, that your children should be confused about where your assets are.

It is not acceptable, that your children should be forced to sell a family home just to pay legal fees for the right to inherit it.

Therefore, James started a legal resource called Regnum Legal. This resource provides answers to estate planning and business planning questions. James believes that when the law is explained, people can make better choices about how to properly build and protect their legacy.

Regnum Legal is not a law firm. James DOES NOT accept clients through Regnum Legal. After starting Regnum Legal, James decided to start his own law firm focused solely on helping clients build, protect, and leave their legacies.

So, James started Regnum Legacy, PC. Unlike, Regnum Legal, Regnum Legacy, is a law firm serving clients throughout California.