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About James

James Long is the founder of Regnum Legacy, and another legal resource website called "Regnum Legal." He graduated from the University of St. Thomas School of Law in 2010, and was immediately appointed to serve as an Expert for the Vatican at the United Nations. After 10 years as a litigator and estate and business planner, James decided to wave "goodbye" to litigation and focus solely on estate planning and transaction business issues.

Britney Spears: Toxic Conservatorship Explained


In this celebrity Monday we will discuss the conservatorship of Britney Spears. Conservatorships are generally reserved for people who lack capacity, or have severe physical or cognitive disabilities. So it's no wonder why many people are confused about why, and how, Britney Spears' father was able to take control over Britney Spears's life and career. To understand the Britney Spears conservatorship, you need to understand what a conservatorship is for. A [...]

Britney Spears: Toxic Conservatorship Explained2021-03-08T18:23:58+00:00

Caring for Children with Special Needs: How and When to Create a Special Needs Trust


I get about 5-6 calls per week from children of families who never engaged in any kind of estate planning. The son or daughter will call, grief stricken, confused, and overwhelmed to tell me that their parent just died without a living trust and they do not know what to do. In an age with such cheap options available, it always surprises me how many people die without any kind of [...]

Caring for Children with Special Needs: How and When to Create a Special Needs Trust2021-03-01T20:41:41+00:00

9-Step Guide to Obtaining a Conservatorship


If you have ever experienced the mental decline of a loved one, you understand the hopelessness of the situation. On the one hand, you want to help your loved one maintain independence. On the other hand, you know that your loved one is having trouble managing the day-to-day activities of living – like paying bills, maintaining personal hygiene, driving, and resisting fraud and undue influence. So, what can you do? One [...]

9-Step Guide to Obtaining a Conservatorship2021-02-24T16:53:49+00:00

Estate Planning for the People You Love


One of the biggest misconceptions about estate planning is that you need a lot of money or assets in order to make it worthwhile. Not true. In fact, every person in California – rich or poor – already has an estate plan provided by the State of California. It is called “intestate succession.” Now, if you are fine with the State directing your assets and controlling how and when, and whether [...]

Estate Planning for the People You Love2021-02-02T00:51:24+00:00

Funding Your Revocable Living Trust


Having a fully funded living trust is essential to taking advantage of its benefits.  An unfunded or partially funded Revocable Living Trust does not avoid probate. “Funding” your trust really means doing one of two things (1) transferring title and ownership of your assets from you to your living trust; or (2) changing your beneficiary from an individual or group of individuals to your living trust. It sounds scary, I know. [...]

Funding Your Revocable Living Trust2021-02-12T00:15:17+00:00

7 Important Things to Know About Living Trusts


Most estate planners recommend having a living-based estate plan. The cornerstone of that plan is – you guessed it – the living trust. This post is going to cover everything you need to know about living trusts so you can do two things. Decide whether a trust-based estate plan is right for you. If you have already decided that a trust-based plan is right for you, or already have a living [...]

7 Important Things to Know About Living Trusts2021-02-12T00:24:03+00:00

Alan Thicke: Blurred Lines in the Midst of an Estate Dispute


One of the most important aspects of estate planning is communication! Most estate plans are typically looked at every 3 years allowing for changes and updates to be made, and any good estate planning lawyer will urge their clients to clearly communicate their exact wishes with the ones they love or through the established trust, as to avoid any potential family conflict.   In the case of Mr. Alan Thicke, an [...]

Alan Thicke: Blurred Lines in the Midst of an Estate Dispute2021-02-12T00:28:07+00:00

Choosing a Professional Fiduciary to Act as Trustee


Making plans for your money and property after you die is not the most exciting thing to do. It always involves thinking about circumstances that typically make you apprehensive, fearful, or uncertain. In fact, many people put-off estate planning because they do not want to deal with these difficult questions and emotions, which can have disastrous effects. Failing to plan for your estate because you are afraid of dealing with these [...]

Choosing a Professional Fiduciary to Act as Trustee2021-02-12T00:25:23+00:00

Ron Swanson: The Problem with Traditional Estate Planning


If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan, then you are aware of the iconic Last Will and Testament that was presented and written by Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) in season 6, episode 5. He was only eight years old at the time of drafting his Will, but would his handwritten Will hold up against state law?    Well, simply put, it depends. Each state has their own laws regarding [...]

Ron Swanson: The Problem with Traditional Estate Planning2021-02-12T00:26:29+00:00

Aretha Franklin: The “Queen of Soul”


Aretha Franklin died at the age of 76 of pancreatic cancer in her Detroit home. What makes this particular loss even more devastating was that Franklin, who’s estate was estimated to be worth approximately $80 million dollars, did not have a will in place, let alone an estate plan.    Unfortunately, due to not having a plan in place, Franklin’s case ended up in the hands of the probate court, which [...]

Aretha Franklin: The “Queen of Soul”2021-02-12T00:35:49+00:00

Robin Williams: The Legend. The Icon. 


Robin Williams has warmed the hearts of those across the world through his various works and films. Upon his passing, the world grieved alongside the ones he loved. Unfortunately, despite having a trust based estate plan in place, as to avoid any costs and delays affiliated with probate, a vehement dispute arose between his surviving spouse, Susan Schneider, and Williams’ children from a previous marriage, Zelda, Cody, and Zak.    Although [...]

Robin Williams: The Legend. The Icon. 2021-02-12T00:38:34+00:00

Celebrity Mondays: Joan Rivers Was Creative in Life and Death


Joan Rivers made us all laugh through her unique brand of comedy which typically involved skewering famous celebrities.  Sadly, she died on September 4, 2014, from what appears to be a botched medical procedure. As an estate planner, whenever a celebrity dies I think to myself “I bet he/she did not have a plan in place.” This is because there are so many recent examples of celebrities who failed to protect [...]

Celebrity Mondays: Joan Rivers Was Creative in Life and Death2021-02-12T00:32:47+00:00

Celebrity Monday: We Can All Learn From Nipsey Hussle’s Failure


In March 2019, Hip Hop artist Nipsey Hussle was gunned down by Eric Holder (no relation) outside of Nipsey’s South Los Angeles clothing store. It was a sad and tragic end to the hip hop star’s life, whose career has just taken off. On this Celebrity Monday we will look at the estate of Nipsey Hussle and learn that failing to have an estate plan if you have young children should [...]

Celebrity Monday: We Can All Learn From Nipsey Hussle’s Failure2021-02-12T00:45:43+00:00

Celebrity Monday: Kobe Bryant’s Estate Plan Had A Flaw


Yesterday day, August 23, would have been Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday. But tragically, as almost everyone knows, Kobe died suddenly and unexpectedly in a helicopter accident. Kobe’s death underscores why proper estate planning is important. You never know the time and hour when you will pass from this world. If you have young children it is exceedingly important to have a proper plan in place. Even if you already have a [...]

Celebrity Monday: Kobe Bryant’s Estate Plan Had A Flaw2021-02-12T00:47:37+00:00

Flexible Education Funding Options for Uncertain COVID-19 Times


COVID-19 has changed everything. Things we all took for granted, like school starting in the fall are now exceedingly uncertain. No one knows what the education landscape will be like in 2020-2021. Will classes continue to be online? Will colleges open and allow students on campus, or will they be bunking with mom and dad for the fall semester? Despite all the uncertainty, one certainty remains: education is still going to [...]

Flexible Education Funding Options for Uncertain COVID-19 Times2021-02-12T00:42:37+00:00

Your Time Is Valuable. Let’s Get a Jump Start on the Estate Planning Process


Time seems to be the one thing we just can’t get enough of. This is especially true if you are one of our nurses or frontline healthcare workers. You work tirelessly caring for others and may not have a lot of free time to work on your estate planning. If you are able to answer the following questions or at least think them through, you can get a jump start on [...]

Your Time Is Valuable. Let’s Get a Jump Start on the Estate Planning Process2021-02-12T00:57:58+00:00

Special Estate Planning Considerations for Art and Other Collections


Many people have collections about which they are quite passionate: The collections may be very valuable, for example, art collections, coins, stamps, or designer handbags, or they may have more sentimental than monetary value, such as political bumper stickers, postcards, or rocks. Regardless of its dollar value, if you have a collection, it should be included in your estate plan. You should make arrangements in advance to ensure that the collection [...]

Special Estate Planning Considerations for Art and Other Collections2021-02-12T01:09:39+00:00

Caught in the Undertow: How No Estate Plan (or a Bad One) Could Leave Your Family Overwhelmed


Many people love to spend part of their summer vacation at the beach, enjoying the ocean and sunshine. But there may be unseen dangers that are crucial for beachgoers to keep in mind: For example, the undertow is a current of water, often quite powerful, below the surface, that is moving away from shore when waves are approaching it. It can easily knock a smaller person off balance and could be [...]

Caught in the Undertow: How No Estate Plan (or a Bad One) Could Leave Your Family Overwhelmed2021-02-12T00:52:43+00:00

Caring For Yourself with the Right Estate Planning Prescription


To all front-line and “essential” workers: Thank you for all of your hard work—day in and day out (and often evenings, nights, and weekends). You tirelessly give of yourself to care for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Whether you are caring for them in a hospital, therapy room, or patient’s home, you are there to protect and help the patient gain a better tomorrow. However, one [...]

Caring For Yourself with the Right Estate Planning Prescription2021-02-12T01:13:48+00:00
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