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Britney Spears: Toxic Conservatorship Explained


In this celebrity Monday we will discuss the conservatorship of Britney Spears. Conservatorships are generally reserved for people who lack capacity, or have severe physical or cognitive disabilities. So it's no wonder why many people are confused about why, and how, Britney Spears' father was able to take control over Britney Spears's life and career. To understand the Britney Spears conservatorship, you need to understand what a conservatorship is for. A [...]

Britney Spears: Toxic Conservatorship Explained2021-03-08T18:23:58+00:00

Caring for Children with Special Needs: How and When to Create a Special Needs Trust


I get about 5-6 calls per week from children of families who never engaged in any kind of estate planning. The son or daughter will call, grief stricken, confused, and overwhelmed to tell me that their parent just died without a living trust and they do not know what to do. In an age with such cheap options available, it always surprises me how many people die without any kind of [...]

Caring for Children with Special Needs: How and When to Create a Special Needs Trust2021-03-01T20:41:41+00:00

9-Step Guide to Obtaining a Conservatorship


If you have ever experienced the mental decline of a loved one, you understand the hopelessness of the situation. On the one hand, you want to help your loved one maintain independence. On the other hand, you know that your loved one is having trouble managing the day-to-day activities of living – like paying bills, maintaining personal hygiene, driving, and resisting fraud and undue influence. So, what can you do? One [...]

9-Step Guide to Obtaining a Conservatorship2021-02-24T16:53:49+00:00
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