7 Must-Dos When Naming Guardians for Your Kids

The Barber Family:

On July 31, 2006, the Barber family was in a tragic car accident. The boys survived, their parents didn't. But, that was just the beginning of their nightmare. The Barber Family was unprepared and the State took the surviving children into protective custody.


If you unexpectedly died or became incapacitated what would happen to your children?


Download this FREE guide to learn the 7 things you need to consider and do when naming a guardian for your minor children.


√  How to Make Sure Your Children Are Never Taken Into Protective Custody After Your Death

√  How to Make Sure that the People Caring for Your Children Share Your Values

√  How to Ensure that Your Family Knows What to Do In the Event of an Emergency.

√  How to Make Sure the Court Stays Out of Your Family's Business and Protect Your Children's Privacy. 




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